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Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transformation (RASET)

As the province of KZN we have resolved that for land reform to be successful the agrarian structure of our economy must also change. The current structure excludes the majority of small scale farmers. It is dominated by few large scale farmers who dominate the whole agriculture value chain. The provincial government has recently initiated Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transformation (RASET) program which is geared to mitigate our agrarian challenges.

RASET model is aimed at improving the value chain of food production and supply for underprivileged farmers and emerging agro-businesses. It also seeks to create an alternative value chain in order to bypass structural barriers associated with the existing value chain. The model will also assist in creating opportunities for youth and women, increase food security, improve market opportunities for previously disadvantaged farmers and reduce dependency on state support as well as increasing agricultural land utilization

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