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Youth Business Development Fund

A clear and concise allocation of the fund priority commodities; i.e. bakeries applications; paper and pipe applications etc. Ideally these should be weighted in terms of percentages based on each commodity stream contribution to the entire fund. The later will assist during the evaluation process in ensuring that money is not approved only for certain commodities while others are not getting the deserved allocation? Also the same information might have to communicated with the applicants so that potential beneficiaries do know that the fund will not take an over subscription on one commodity while others are not subscribed enough. 

  • Ideally it would be recommended that the Procurement Indaba resolutions adopted by the KZN executive and the current SCM regulation circular on percentage split for women; Youth, people living with Disability and Military Veterans be applied in all commodity categories as such the launch and the application call should encourage the presence of all priority groups according to the standing radical economic transformation percentages split. Therefore the forms as uploaded on the website should allow applicants to indicate their status as either Youth or women etc.
  • You will need to consider the acceptance of both online and physical applications.  Online applications can be administered through the website itself and these could be created with certain functions that prohibit a non-compliant applicant to send the application, e.g. KZN geographic location of the business and if outside the form must not allow submission.

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